E-waste recycling services in Brisbane

As the world around us begins thinking more critically about environmental waste and the importance of recycling, it’s crucial to consider what else may be recyclable. There are many products that we may use on a day-to-day basis that could be re-used that we just aren’t aware of. Electronic waste such as mobile phones, computers and others all have valuable materials that can be utilised to create and build new products.

Here at Tall Ingots, we ensure that all of your redundant electronic goods, such as domestic appliances, telecommunication equipment, electronic tools, consumer goods, medical equipment, and automatic dispensers, are recycled. This includes laptops, computers, servers, LCD TV screens, and medical film (e.g. x-ray film, CT film, MRI film). There is a wide variety of discarded devices that we can take care of that may prove useful once recycled.

Since these electronic devices contain metallic and hard plastics, it’s extremely important to choose recycling over rubbish and landfill. When not disposed of correctly, these e-waste products can be harmful to the environment. If the proper disposal is not carried out, e-waste can end up in countries without robust environmental or worker protections.

A large pile of E-Waste parts

We aim to reduce waste by providing environmentally friendly e-waste services in Brisbane city and the surrounding areas. No matter what your device, we aim to help you with efficient and effective customer service and professional workers who will get the job done.

Computers, Smartphones, and Other Smart Devices

Tall Ingots can purchase the individual components of a pulled-apart device. This includes motherboards, hard drives, power supplies, CPU, Ram, video cards, and any other part of the disassembled smart device.

You may be wondering why it’s important to recycle your old computers or mobile phones with us. As technology has become more and more of an integral part in all our lives, millions of Australians are purchasing significantly larger numbers of smart devices per year to replace older models.

When these are inevitably thrown out and sent to landfill, the materials that are utilised to create these products, which includes zinc, copper, nickel and tin, are wasted. These listed materials are classified as non-renewable, which increases the importance of selecting the right electronic waste service for electronic equipment

By using our Brisbane ewaste services, you are ensuring that these irreplaceable materials are used for as long as needed, and that you are protecting our precious environment from the toxic chemicals that can be found in these products by disposing of your discarded electronics responsibly.

Computer Accessories

With the increased purchasing of computers throughout Australia, there is also a rise in the number of computer accessories that are being thrown out for newer models. Most computer accessories—such as mice, keyboards, webcams, USB drives, modems, and routers—contain the same toxic chemicals as computers and laptops. When you bring us these devices, we can extract these toxic components and the wiring for recycling.

We ensure that all these products are recycled correctly so as to protect our environment as much as possible.

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Medical products may not be something that immediately jumps to mind as a product that is classified as e-waste, but X-ray, CT, and MRI film are coated with silver, which we can recover. The film itself is plastic, which is just as recyclable as any plastic container. When these types of film are recycled correctly, this reduces the need for silver mining.

Small and large domestic appliances ready to be recycled by Tall Ingots Brisbane

Domestic Appliances

Both large and small domestic appliances contain a variety of electronic components and metals that can be useful if recycled correctly. We understand that having old or broken large domestic appliances lying around the house can cause clutter and unwanted mess. By bringing us your fridges, washing machines, microwaves, and other white goods, we can take out their electronic components and recycle the other pieces through our Ferrous Material Recycling.

This way you won’t have to worry about the space that your appliances is taking up and you can be rest assured that you are caring for the environment by choosing the best way to recycle them.

Trust us to take care of your e-waste needs

At Tall Ingots, we take pride in knowing that we provide the best e-waste service in Brisbane. Regardless of the appliance or product, we will take care of it and ensure it is recycled correctly. We go above and beyond to see our commitment to protecting the environment achieved and will ensure that we will do our best to assist in whatever e-waste service you need.

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