Tall Ingots can assist in the recycling of redundant electronic goods such as small domestic appliances, large domestic appliances, telecommunication, electronic tools, consumer goods (DVD’s, hi-fi, amps, video cameras, and radios), medical equipment and automatic dispensers.  We also recycle lap tops, computers, servers, LCD tv screens, Xray, CT and MRI film.

Since these technological devices not only contain metals but also chemicals, it is especially important to choose recycling over the rubbish. It can be extremely harmful to the environment for these products to end up in landfill. If you are ready to dispose of any e-waste, make sure to bring it to us at Tall Ingots so it can be properly recycled.

E Waste


Tall Ingots can purchase the individual components of a computer if pulled apart.  These include mother boards, hard disk drives, power supplies, CPU, Ram, video cards and any other part of the disassembled computer.

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