Do you find yourself inundated with unwanted scrap metal? Perhaps you’ve got piles of old computers that are taking up space, your scrap pile is overflowing, or you’re cleaning out an old building and finding all sorts of metal scraps. Maybe you’ve recently purchased an air conditioner and need to scrap the old one.

Tall Ingots can pay you cash for any type of scrap metal delivered or collected. Our competitive cash prices ensure that you will not only be satisfied with money in your pocket but also secure in the fact that you are helping to recycle the world’s limited resources.

There can be a multitude of reasons that leave you with unwanted scrap metal. We all know how valuable space is and how quickly unwanted items can take over an empty space so it’s imperative that unwanted scrap metal is cleared out quickly and smoothly.

Rather than just throwing it out, you can rely on the professional and friendly team at Tall Ingots to take of it all for you, even allowing you to turn space-wasting scrap into cash. It’s that easy.

Tall Ingots offers cash for scrap, and all kinds. We are committed to making the process as easy as possible for you. By making sure that the process is smooth and easy, you’ll be able get rid of your unwanted scrap and make cash as fast as possible—no matter how much, how little, or what kind of scrap metal you might be dealing with. 

Two men exchanging scrap metal for cash

The environmentally friendly choice

It’s long been common knowledge that recycling in general is the right step in being environmentally conscious. It should come as a no surprise then that recycling scrap metal is also an environmentally friendly choice.

When people manufacture items with recycled products, this can help decrease CO2 emissions, and help keep the earth clean at the same time, proving just how important it is to recycle scrap metal. By using recycled metals, we can work together to decrease the amount of new materials mined from the earth, as well as the amount of scrap going into our landfills—and you can earn cash for scrap metal in the process. 

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved and is a great proactive step to looking after the environment at the same time. We pride ourselves on how rigorously we train all of our employees on environmental safety. We operate in compliance with all government environmental protection rules, so you can be sure that the waste disposal process for your scrap metal is as ethically and environmentally friendly as possible. 

We can efficiently handle any quantity

If you are concerned about the amount of discarded scrap metal you have lying around, there is no need to worry when you choose the team at Tall Ingots to take care of it for you. We are proud to say that we will remove as much or as little unwanted scrap metals as you need.

Regardless of whether it’s a couple of old computers or if you have an entire truck that is filled with scrap steel, copper, or aluminium, we are prepared and happy to take all of it. Our expert team has dealt with a range of scrap metals over the years and are well-equipped to handle any of the scrap metal you have around the place.

There’s very little that we haven’t seen or handled over the years. Even if you find that one day, you have an entire metal fence that needs to be disposed of, we are more than willing to get rid of it and give you fair scrap metal prices as well. Nothing is a problem for us and no matter the scrap metal, we will pay cash to remove it professionally and efficiently.

As part of our high quality equipment, we possess a weigh-bridge, which will effortlessly accommodate large truckloads of scrap metal and not only remove it quickly and easily, but we will ensure that you get competitive scrap metal prices.

We recycle all kinds of scrap metal

Rather than simply focusing on one type, we have made sure that we are equipped to deal with all kinds of scrap metals.

Whether you need to dispose of scrap metal from a work-site by the truckload, or you’re getting rid of a few things from your home, we’ve got you covered—from air conditioner units, old fencing, washing machines, car batteries and motors to fixtures, plumbing, and wiring—even computer parts and other electronics.

A stove top oven to be recycled at Tall Ingots

We’re even equipped to handle electronic waste, so no scrap metal is too much, too little, or too unusual. We can deliver professional and quick scrap metal recycling services for both non ferrous metals and ferrous scrap metal.

We’ll come to you

We offer scrap metal pickup services as well, so even if you don’t have an easy way to get your discarded scrap metal to us, we can help you dispose of it. We’ll make it easy by coming to you.

We operate a fleet of trucks so no scrap metals removal job is too large, and we’re even equipped with a mobile crane, in case you need heavy scrap to be lifted on-site such as scrap cars or other unwanted metals. 

Instant cash payments and competitive prices

We always offer prompt payments. We can even pay instant cash for scrap on the spot, hassle-free. Simply bring in your unwanted scrap metals and we will buy scrap metal right then and there. With our large scale displays, you can watch the weight on our scales to ensure 100% transparency in our process.

We are proud to say that we operate as transparent scrap metal buyers and won’t hide anything from you throughout the process. If you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t satisfied. We offer extremely competitive pricing and instant cash for scrap, and we want you to receive a fair price. That’s why we offer top dollar prices for your unwanted scrap metals. 

Cubes of compacted scrap metal for recycling at Tall Ingots

Drive-in and drive-out

We’ve taken proactive steps to ensure that selling your unwanted scrap metal is never a hassle. With our weigh-bridge and drop off area, our scrap metal buyers have a drive-in, drive-out system, making scrap selling as simple as possible for you.

Even in rainy weather, selling scrap is incredibly easy and efficient. Our scrap drop-off area is covered, so no matter what the sky is like, recycling scrap is as simple as three steps: drive in, get paid, then drive out. 

Business made easy

We make unwanted scrap disposal a breeze for your company as well. With prompt payments, our weigh-bridge and removal services, we can help you easily turn unwanted scrap taking up space, into money for your business.

Our team of scrap metal recyclers can also provide certificates of destruction to ensure that the disposal process is ethical, environmentally conscious, business-friendly, and easy to keep track of for bookkeeping and insurance purposes. 

Bring in your scrap today

It doesn’t matter what type of scrap metal you need help disposing of—or how much you’re dealing with. Whether you’ve just renovated your home and need to scrap old materials, or you need to clear out a construction site, or you’re just cleaning out the pile of scrap you’ve been looking at for months, we’ll take care of it. We are the scrap metal recycling team that you can rely on.

From old ovens and metal doors to shiny copper piping and old electronic waste, we can handle it all. Give us a call or come in today! No matter how much, how little, or what kind of scrap metal you’re dealing with, we can take it off your hands and give you instant cash. Give us a call or contact us online today! 

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