Recycling Scrap Metal: We’ve listed some great uses!

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At times the inevitable demise of pure scrap metal is a contentious topic. The fact of the matter, however, is that the ore we use to make an innumerable amount of products is not renewable.

Fear not, because, these metals are in fact recyclable to no end. Their uses are limitless and continuously expanding. Metals are strong, malleable and conductive. What was once a bridge can be transformed a thousand time over, from small electronic parts to larger construction goods.

Recycling simply makes good economic and environmental sense. Maybe the thought hasn’t even crossed your mind. So let us enlighten you of the endless upcycling possibilities of metals.

No metals are trash; all metals are a treasure.

Recyclable Metals

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Steel

Industrial Uses:

Metals are incredible in that they are able to maintain most, if not all, of their original strength and virtue despite being remoulded over and over.

Metals such as iron and aluminium are constantly reused for civil construction projects such as roads and bridges.  Similarly, the transportation industry recycles metals for new cars, motorbikes, aeroplanes, buses, trains, you name it!

The competitive nature of the consumer goods markets makes manufacturers look to all sorts of solutions and alternatives to keep costs low. Recycled metals are fundamental in that process. Recycled metals are significantly cheaper than pure ore, yet no less viable. You’d be hard-pressed to find a white-good that isn’t made from recycled metal. It’s simply good business.metal scrap recyclers


Home Furnishings:

The beauty of recycled metal is that is can be made to appear brand new without a sign of previous use. For example, metal roofing materials are often made solely or partly from recycled scrap metals.

Alternatively, designers may choose a recycled piece of metal because of its grungy, worn, rustic look. The possibilities are truly endless, common uses are lamps, desks, bedside tables, fixtures, light fittings and more. Metal roofing materials are often made solely or partly from recycled scrap metals.

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Arts and crafts with recycled metals are more than just beer-bottle cap lagerphones (music sticks). The possibilities are endless, from sculptures to fine jewellery, the potential is in the eye of the artist. With perks low costs and minimal environmental impacts, with an added element of pure uniqueness, it’s hard to say no.

The pure beauty of art is that artists need not wait for a metal to be broken down and recycled. They can simply reuse an item, the item’s original use may become totally unrecognisable in its new form. Art can make you see a single object in a way you could never have imagined them. Take the many sculptures made from machinery or automobile parts. Chain links may be identifiable, but their reuse to make small details of an animal sculpture completely transform them.




Today, most canned items found on the supermarket shelves are made entirely from recycled metals. The efficiency of recycling aluminium and steels means that in as little as two months your canned corn could be back on the self now housing canned tomatoes.

Whether it be household, industrial or anywhere in between, all metal items can be recycled. Quite often you can claim money for your items too! Get in touch with the team at Tall Ingots for find out the best recycling solutions for your metal. Remember, we’ve got scrap metal bins for domestic and industrial uses as well as comprehensive site cleanup services.



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