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Tall Ingots is a family owned business with a long history in the recycling industry. We process and trade in non ferrous, ferrous, e waste and plastic recyclable material. Tall Ingots staff are friendly, courteous and are always willing to assist with your inquiry.

Environmental Policy

Tall Ingots conducts all commercial business dealings in an environmentally friendly manner. Tall Ingots is dedicated to training all employees to complete tasks in an environmentally conscious manner. Tall Ingots is dedicated to complying with all government rules and regulations with regard to current environmental legislation.

Health & Safety Policy

Tall Ingots takes the health and safety of its employees, contractors and general public seriously. Tall Ingots complies with current laws and regulations and as a result have set the following objectives.

  • Provide healthy and safe work areas, equipment and systems of work for employees and contractors.
  • Training and induction of employees and contractors in health and safety issues affecting their work.
  • Review and improve work practices.
  • Ensure all employees follow all health and safety directions and are directly responsible for their own health and safety and of their fellow employees.

Tall Ingots is committed to working with employees regarding health and safety issues.



When selling scrap metal of a private nature, E.g. Used for a hobby or recreational pursuit, Tall Ingots require that the seller provide some form of I.D showing seller’s name, address and have some form of numbering on the I.D E.g. Drivers licensee.

No I.D. – No Purchase

Any scrap sold to Tall Ingots that is generated from a business activity must be accompanied by an ABN number. If no ABN number is provided, Tall Ingots is required by law under Australian Taxation to withhold 48.5% of the total value.

Tall Ingots reserves the right to refuse any seller of metal believed to be stolen or generated from a business activity.

There Will Be No Exceptions

Other Information

Using recycled products instead of virgin materials during manufacturing, dramatically reduces pollution and carbon emissions, reduces energy and water consumption, and frees up much needed space for necessary landfill.

Here are an example of some of the savings made on carbon emissions by using recycled materials:

  • By using a tonne of recycled steel rather than primary iron ore, carbon emissions are reduced by 2.1 tonnes
  • When one tonne of aluminium is recycled, carbon emissions are reduced by a staggering 7.9 tonnes
  • For every tonne of computers recycled, carbon emissions are reduced by approximately 4.0 tonnes

The BMRA (British Metals Recycling Association) advises that energy savings from re-using major non ferrous commodities are:

  • Aluminium 95%
  • Copper 85%
  • Lead 65%
  • Zinc 60%


Destruction Certificates / Letter

Destruction certificates / letters can be supplied upon request.

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