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Located in Yeerongpilly, Brisbane, Tall Ingots is your go-to scrap metal yard where you can turn your scrap metal into cash. Our convenient metal recycling services make it easy for you to offload your unwanted ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, all while earning cash for your efforts.


At Tall Ingots, we’re passionate about recycling a wide array of scrap metals. Our expertise includes handling aluminium cans, copper, lead, iron, stainless steel, zinc, and a variety of other non-ferrous metals. We also specialise in all types of steel and ferrous scrap — so, if you got the scrap, we’ve got you covered.

We buy:

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Our scrap metal recycling facility is located at Yeerongpilly, in Brisbane, Queensland. Contact us any time during our office hours, Monday to Friday, and we’ll get back to you ASAP to turn your scrap into cash.



Got unwanted metal cluttering up your space? Skip the general waste route and costly rubbish removal services. At Tall Ingots, we’re here to streamline your metal waste removal and recycling process and pay you for the scrap metal you no longer need.

We’re recognised as Rocklea’s leading metal dealers and recyclers, and we offer instant cash that ensures you’ll get great value for your scrap. Our team provides competitive rates for various metals, including aluminium, copper, iron, lead, nickel, zinc, brass, and more. And it’s not only base metals we’re interested in; we’ll offer cash for a range of other metal products, too. From outdated electronics like computers and TVs to air conditioners, white goods, aluminium cans, and even metal car parts – if it’s metal, we’ll take it, and you’ll get compensated fairly.

Let us help you clear out and cash in. Learn more about our cash for scrap metal services.


Are you seeking a straightforward and rewarding way to recycle scrap metal near Rocklea? Our drive-through service is the ideal solution for quick and profitable scrap metal recycling.

Our process is streamlined for your convenience: simply drive up, let us weigh your metals, and we’ll pay cash upfront to you instantly for your scrap. It’s a quick, hassle-free way to turn your unwanted metals into cash and declutter your space.

Learn more about our efficient metal recycling drive-through services, where we make recycling easy and profitable for you.

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Navigating the complexities of the international scrap metal market can be challenging, so when considering importing or exporting scrap metals, partnering with an experienced scrap recycling company is crucial.

At Tall Ingots near Rocklea, we are well-versed in this field, boasting extensive commercial connections and a history of successful collaborations with professional importers and exporters. Our team is equipped to guide you through this process and connect you with reputable commercial exporters who can deliver the services you require.

Learn more about our comprehensive importing and exporting services.


At Tall Ingots, we do more than just high-quality scrap metal recycling. We also offer the convenience of collecting your scrap metal directly from you.

Our services include scrap metal removal and site clean-up, available upon your request, to ensure swift and efficient clearing of your space. Whether it’s your property, business, or work site in Rocklea or its surrounding suburbs, we’re here to help with your scrap metal needs.

For larger quantities of metal, we provide scrap metal skip bins. These can be delivered to your site with our crane truck and collected once full, making your recycling process even smoother.

Learn more about our Rocklea metals site clean-up service.


At Tall Ingots, we endorse recycling as it’s the best alternative to landfill disposal. To facilitate this, we provide scrap metal bins, making it easier for you to recycle your scrap metal.

Not only do we offer these bins, but we also purchase your scrap metal at competitive prices. Our services, including cash for scrap metal initiatives and metal skip bin hire, are designed for your convenience, allowing you to recycle quickly, contribute to environmental sustainability, and profit from your efforts.

Book a scrap metal bin with us, and we’ll deliver it directly to your site. Once it’s ready for collection, we’ll be there to pick it up. We offer a diverse range of skip bin sizes to suit your needs perfectly.

For a hassle-free, profitable removal of scrap metal from your property, local businesses, or work site in Rocklea, get in touch with our friendly and experienced staff at Tall Ingots today.

Learn more about our variety of scrap metal skip bins and how they can benefit you.

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We accept a wide range of scrap metals, including but not limited to aluminium cans, copper, lead, iron, stainless steel, zinc, brass, and nickel. Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are welcome.

Simply bring your scrap metal to us or request a bin for larger quantities. We’ll assess the metal, weigh it, and offer you competitive pricing on the spot. Our aim is to make the process quick and rewarding for you.

If you’ve found another scrap company that offers more for your metal than us, request competitive pricing matches from our friendly staff, and we’ll be happy to make it happen.

Absolutely! We have a variety of skip bin sizes to accommodate different needs. Let us know the size you require, and we’ll ensure it’s delivered to your site.

Yes, we do. We accept electronic items such as old computers, TVs, air conditioners, and more. Recycling electronics is an important part of our commitment to sustainability.

Our drive-through service is designed for convenience. Drive in with your scrap metal, and we’ll weigh it and pay you cash immediately. It’s the ideal service for quick and easy transactions.

Yes, we do. Our team is equipped to handle large-scale scrap metal removals and site clean-ups. We also offer skip bin hire for these types of projects.

Getting started is easy. Contact us via phone or email, or visit our Yeerongpilly facility. Our friendly staff will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

We have extensive experience and connections in the international scrap metal market. Our team can provide guidance and connect you with reliable commercial exporters and importers.

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