Get cash for scrap metal near Brisbane CBD with Tall Ingots, Brisbane’s best metal recyclers.

Scrap metal dealers near Brisbane CBD

Tall Ingots is a scrap metal yard just 8 km from Brisbane CBD that will give you cash for your scrap metal. Our drive-through scrap metal recycling services let you easily recycle your scrap metals (both ferrous and non ferrous metals) and earn cash for doing so.

We buy all scrap metals in Brisbane

We buy all types of scrap metals, including aluminium, copper, lead, iron, stainless steel, zinc and other non ferrous metals. We also purchase all types of steel and other ferrous metals.

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Scrap recyclers close to Brisbane CBD

Our scrap metal recycling facility is located at Yeerongpilly, in Brisbane, Queensland, just 8km away from Brisbane CBD and easily accessible to all central Brisbane suburbs.

Our Brisbane CBD scrap metal services

Cash for scrap metal

Have metal laying around that you need out of the way? Don’t send it off to general waste or pay a rubbish removal service; we can help you with your metal waste removal and recycling, and pay you for the scrap metal you no longer need. At Tall Ingots, we’re Brisbane’s best metal dealers, and Brisbane scrap metal recyclers, offering cash for scrap at great prices. We can help you get rid of the metals you don’t need, and pay you top cash for it.

We offer competitive prices for aluminium, copper, iron, lead, raw materials, nickel, zinc, brass, and other metals, give our team a call. But it’s not just bits of metal that we buy; we give you cash for scrap for all kinds of metal products. Whether it’s old computers, old laptops, old TVs, air conditioners, white goods, aluminium cans, metal equipment, metal car parts, or anything else made of metal, we can help you get rid of it and pay you for the trouble.

Drive through scrap metal recycling

If you’re looking for Brisbane CBD scrap recyclers that offer a convenient way to drop off your scrap metal and get cash for scrap, our drive through Brisbane scrap metal recycling service is perfect for you.

Based in a convenient location in Yeerongpilly, just 8 km from Brisbane CBD, our drive through scrap metal recycling service is fast, easy, and gets you top cash for your scrap metal.

The process is simple: you drive in, we weigh your metals, and we pay you cash for scrap on the spot. You drive out with more cash and no more unneeded metals laying around.

More about our drive through Brisbane metal recycling service.

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Metals site clean up

At Tall Ingots, we don’t just provide high quality scrap metal recycling services near Brisbane CBD; we can even come and collect your scrap metals from you if you need us to.

We offer scrap metal removal and site clean up services which are available upon request, for quick and efficient scrap metal removal. If you need scrap metal collection for your property, business or work site anywhere in Brisbane, greater Brisbane and Ipswich.

If you have a large amount of metal on site, we also offer scrap metal skip bins which we can deliver at your site with our crane truck, and collect again when it’s full.

Learn more about our Brisbane metals site clean up service, located just 8 km from Brisbane CBD.

Scrap metal collection: scrap metal skip bin hire and collection

If you have scrap metal on our property, business or work site, scrap metal recycling is a better solution than sending it to landfill. At Tall Ingots, we are able to provide you with scrap metal bins to help you recycle your scrap metal, and we’ll even buy that scrap metal from you at premium prices. Our scrap metal recycling services, cash for scrap metal initiatives and metal skip bin hire services mean that you can recycle your scrap metal quickly and easily, and get cash for your efforts. This keeps your scrap metal and other waste materials separate, helps you do your bit for the environment and a sustainable future, and also gives you more money in your pocket.

Reserve a scrap metal bin with us today and we can deliver a scrap metal bin to your site, and then come and pick it up when it’s ready for collection. We have a large number of skip bins to choose from in different sizes. For efficient, effective and easy removal of your scrap metal from your property, business or work site, for great prices, get in touch with the team at Tall Ingots today.

More about our scrap metal skip bins

Scrap metal exporting and importing

Importing and exporting scrap metal is a complicated business, so if you’re looking at importing or exporting your scrap metals, it’s important to choose an experienced international import or export company. At Tall Ingots, we have many commercial connections in this area, and have worked with professional importers and exporters for many years. We can help you navigate this area and put you in touch with the commercial exporters that will give you the service you need. More about exporting and importing services.

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Yes, we do. We offer scrap metal collection services in Brisbane CBD, as well as the Greater Brisbane region and Ipswich areas. If you have scrap metal that you need collected, give us a call. We also offer scrap metal skip bins, which make it efficient, easy and hassle-free to recycle your scrap metal materials. We can deliver our scrap metal skip bins to your site, and then collect them again when you’ve filled them up. The best part? We pay you top dollar for all of your scrap metal materials you recycle with us.

We recycle and purchase all kinds of non ferrous metals and ferrous metals. This includes aluminium cans and other aluminium, raw materials, copper, brass, steel, nickel, metal waste, stainless steel, lead, and other metal items.

Yes, we do. We purchase and recycle a huge range of metals and metal products, both ferrous and non ferrous.

If you’re looking for metal recycling or scrap recycling in Brisbane CBD, or anywhere in the greater Brisbane region, Tall Ingots is your answer. We’re metal recyclers that pay top dollar for a huge range of scrap metal. Not only does this stop metals going to waste in landfill but it also puts money back in your pocket, and makes the job of removing and disposing of your metals so much easier. We are a scrap metal recycler located just 8 km from Brisbane CBD. Get in touch with our friendly team today to learn more.

We do offer drive through scrap metal recycling, just 8 km from Brisbane CBD. You can drop your scrap metals off to us via our drive through facility in Yeerongpilly, Brisbane, just 8km away from Brisbane CBD. Our drive through scrap metal recycling near Brisbane CBD is simple and easy: you drive in, get your metals weighed, and we’ll pay cash for scrap on the spot. You’ll drive out having gotten rid of your unneeded metals, and with more cash in hand. Learn more about our Brisbane drive through metal recycling

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