Reserve a Scrap Metal Bin from Tall Ingots

If you have scrap metal on your property, your first thought might be just to throw it away. But don’t be so quick to just dump it and have it end up rotting away in a landfill. At Tall Ingots, we provide scrap metal bins, to help recycle your scrap metal, and we purchase it from you at premium prices.

Metals are a great material to recycle because they do not lose any of their important properties in the recycling process and can be used repeatedly. So, ensuring that they do not find their way into a landfill, and instead are recycled properly is our priority.

Reserve a bin from us, and you can easily gather all scrap metal at your site, and then we can come and pick it up. We offer a wide range of bin sizes to accommodate projects large or small. We can also work with all types of sites and materials, so whether you are doing a household job disposing of scrap, or working an industrial site, we can take care of you.

Types of Metal We Work With

We purchase many different types of metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, along with e-waste.

Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-Ferrous materials do not contain iron, so an easy way to identify if your material is non-ferrous, is to see if it is magnetic.

Common non-ferrous metals and their typical scrap forms include:

  • Aluminium: Wire, cans, wheels, and window framing
  • Copper: Copper wire and tubes used in plumbing
  • Zinc: Die-cast toys, Car components
  • Lead: Old car and motorcycle Batteries
  • Nickel: Some stainless-steel kitchen utensils

If your site has a large quantity of any of these scrap metals, consider reserving a scrap bin from Tall Ingots, so that we can recycle them properly and you can get paid.

Ferrous Metals

As opposed to non-ferrous materials, ferrous materials do contain iron, so an easy way to identify them is to see if they are magnetic.

Ferrous materials will usually refer to steel products. Some steel products we currently purchase are:

  • Light Steel & White Goods: Household appliances like washing machines, microwaves, dishwashers, and others fall into this category. Roofing Iron as well.
  • Heavy Steel: This usually means heavier gauge metal products, typically over 6ml thick.
  • Cast Iron: Older cast iron furniture and machine parts.
  • Specialty Ferrous: Things like manganese steels, carbon steels, and other mixes. If you are unsure if we can purchase your product, do not hesitate to contact us.

Steel products are widely used, and iron mining can be a harmful process for the environment. By recycling your ferrous metal products, we can help reduce the need for this iron mining.


As you upgrade your devices, and new hardware becomes the standard, it can be easy to accumulate electronic waste. Even the smallest electronics can be recycled, so before you dispose of old and unneeded electronics, allow us to recycle them for you.

Some common examples of E-Waste are:

  • Individual computer parts
  • Small and Large Appliances
  • Medical equipment and accessories
  • Laptops, computers, LCD TV screens

Whether it is as small as a DVD, or as large as a server, it is important to recycle your e-waste. Electronics contain chemicals as well as metals, so if they are disposed of improperly, then they can be harmful to the environment. Help your wallet and the environment by reserving a bin to dispose of your e-waste.

We have a wide variety of bin sizes available

We offer bins sized from 1 to 6 cubic meters. Our goal is to be able to accommodate any size job and recycle any amount of scrap metal you may have.

Common sites we work with

Our scrap metal bin service is ideal for construction sites, major home renovations, and any other site where you have large amounts of scrap metal needing to be recycled. We have experience with domestic, commercial, industrial, and even government clients, so we are ready to accommodate any type of situation.

Information we need from you

When you contact us to reserve a scrap metal bin, we will need some information from you, this includes:

  • Your address
  • What product you have, and how much you have
  • Size of the material
  • If you have a forklift

It is also important that you let us know if you have unloading and loading capabilities. Minimum quantities may also apply for a bin to be delivered.

Why you should choose Tall Ingots

You should work with Tall Ingots because our service can offer you a great deal on your scrap metal, and the knowledge on how you can recycle it properly.

Our extensive market connections mean we can offer extremely competitive pricing deals for your scrap. Our knowledge and experience in this business mean we also understand the proper ways to recycle your scrap, so it is used effectively and does not harm the environment.

By offering scrap metal bins Brisbane residents can reserve, we also make it convenient to have our business come and remove your scrap metal for you, which saves you time and money.

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