Benefits of Recycling your Metal


Doing a big clear out? Wanting to recycle your household items or construction materials? Recycling your metal won’t just benefit the environment, it will free space in your house/yard and give you some extra cash in your pocket! Understand what is recyclable and more about how recycling your metal is a benefit.


Clearing out

Sheds, garages and sometimes backyards are filled with larger items waiting to go to the tip. They sit, collecting dust, rusting and being a general nuisance for ages, as going to the dump isn’t a high priority for most. However, finally getting rid of these items, will free up so much space and be a great relief on your mind. So, on your next big clear out, or with your big pile of dump items, separate what is and isn’t recyclable. Every year thousands of recyclable items end up in the tip, which is a great shame. Know what is recyclable, and recycle it! We will continue now to discuss common items that are recyclable. However, if you are unsure of anything, just give us a call. We are always happy to discuss recycling! Call us on (07) 3892 2033.

household goods - Metal Recyclers

What household items are recyclable?

It is not common knowledge which household goods are recyclable. Most items just end up in the landfill when they expire, break, or are no longer wanted. However, the components of most of your large household appliances are made from valuable metals that can be recycled very effectively.

The following household items we accept to be recycled:

  • White goods: washers, dryers, stoves, ovens, fridges, freezers, air conditioners, dishwashers.
  • Window Frames (metal)
  • Bed Frames (metal)
  • Pots, pans and cooking essentials.
  • Cans
  • E-waste:computer parts - recycle
    • Electronic tools.
    • Consumer goods (DVD’s, hi-fi, amps, video cameras, and radios).
    • Medical equipment and automatic dispensers.
    • Laptops
    • Computers (Tall Ingots purchase specific parts of the computer once disassembled.)
    • Servers
    • LCD TV screens
    • X-ray, CT and MRI film.


What construction items are recyclable?

Scrap steel - Tall IngotsBuilding demolition and construction sites are rich in recyclable metals. The most commonly recycled metal is steel, which contributes 95% of materials recycled. The remaining 5% is made of metals other than iron and alloys (referred to as non-ferrous metals). The non-ferrous metals are mostly aluminium, stainless steel and copper. If you have these metals just lying around, in junk piles, you should consider recycling them! Tradies, remember if the metals aren’t useable for your purposes the best course of action is to recycle. Note, that if you have a lot of scrap metal you are wanting to dispose of, then hiring a Tall Ingots scrap metal bin would be beneficial.


Helping the environment

“Recycling even the smallest of items can collectively save tonnes of landfill space, not to mention reduce carbon emission from virgin material production.”

Recycling your E-waste is particularly important because technological devices contain chemicals. The chemicals can be extremely harmful to the environment if the E-waste products end up in the landfill. So, Tall Ingots provide you with an excellent alternative to landfill, we can properly recycle E-waste avoiding the environmental damage.

To put it in perspective, “For every tonne of computers recycled, carbon emissions are reduced by approximately 4.0 tonnes.” What an impact the recycling of just computers makes!

A common theme in environmental sustainability is that everyone needs to play their part. Reducing the environment impact of waste is everyone’s responsibility. A homeowner can make sure they recycle all the items they can. Construction professionals and tradies should understand what scrap can be recycled and take measures to do so.

On our end, we provide the recycling service for Brisbane, making it possible for households and professionals to recycle unwanted materials and goods. Tall Ingots takes pride in our dedication to government rules and regulations compliance. We follow current environmental legislation and train our employees to complete tasks in the most environmentally friendly way.

E-waste - Tall Ingots


Now that you’ve decided to selflessly help the environment, we have great news for you. At Tall Ingots, we offer competitive remuneration for your scrap metal. So, recycling is twice as rewarding! After you’ve done your shed clear out, tidied your garden or upgraded your appliances, think of us. Tall Ingots can pay you cash for any type of scrap metal delivered or collected. The competitive cash prices for your scraps is the added benefit of helping recycle the world’s limited resources. All we require is a proof of age card, and if you are an ABN holder we will need a completed “Agreement between Supplier and Recipient” form, easy!

 After you’ve done your shed clear out, tidied your garden or upgraded your appliances, think what is recyclable, then think of us. Remember recycling benefits the environment, gets rid of the good/items/materials you don’t want and gains you money! We are easy to find in Yeerongpilly, so contact us or give us a call today.

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