Tall Ingots have quarantine-approved premises which allow us to unload containers on site. With extensive knowledge of shipping and markets, Tall Ingots specialise in the importation of goods from the Pacific Islands. We can arrange import permits for ULABs (used lead acid batteries) from any country in the Pacific Islands upon request and work closely with NGO’s to help clean up this beautiful region.

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Tall Ingots has developed long term business relationships with local and global consumers of scrap. Tall Ingots can provide inspection certificates from certified agents as well as photos of the material being loaded into the container prior to shipment. We can ship scrap to any part of the world and have had long business dealings with most shipping companies currently trading out of Australian ports. We can operate under most Incoterms upon agreement.

Our import and export services aim to encourage metal recycling in Brisbane and surroundings. By promoting the recycling of scrap metal on a global scale we hope to reduce the production of new metal items. The recycling process also uses significantly less energy and assists in lowering carbon emissions. At Tall Ingots we not only make the imports and exports of scrap metal easy but also work to benefit the environment.

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